Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Hands

SFC Urriola, PFC Berger, SFC Robinson
In the civilian world, if you are not feeling well or maybe stayed up a wee bit too late watching a football game you just had to see who won, you might call in sick and maybe get out of going to work that day. 

In the Army, where things can be just the opposite of the civilian world, if you are not feeling so hot, you go on sick call. 

However, unless you are seriously injured or sick, e.g. bleeding profusely from an existing/new orifice or exhibiting a consistent high-fever, chances are you will end up being sent back to work - your supervisor may cut you some slack and let you take the rest of the day off but that's typically a case-by-case basis.

Sure, just like in the civilian world, there are people in the Army who seem to always have some kind of ache, pain or complaint and are always at some kind of medical appointment, but it is usually pretty easy to see which ones are really sick or injured and the ones who are just taking advantage of the system. 

In the civilian world those chronically faux-ill individuals might eventually get fired whereas in the Army they might not get fired, but chances are (particularly in today's down-sizing military) they would not be given the opportunity to reenlist; in some blatant cases of malingering, they could actually be administratively removed from the service.
Most Soldiers, however, have just the opposite problem where unless they are initially seriously injured or sick, tend to wait until a medical issue is so severe they are forced by their peers or supervisor to finally go on sick call and see a Health Care Specialist (68W)  - universally called a medic.  Yep; just like in the movies.

All Army medics initially go through about four-months of very intensive medical training and continue training throughout their military career.  While they may later individually branch off into specialties like ear-nose-throat or optometry, almost all medics spend the first year or two of their careers working in sick call where they receive hands-on experience treating Soldiers while being overseen by well-trained and experienced supervisors.

Here in Bagram, our medics include Private First Class Berger; who has about two-years in the Army and is on his first deployment.  His well-trained and experienced supervisors include Sergeant First Class Urriola and SFC Robinson, who have 18 and 11 years in the Army, respectively.

So, while I am on this deployment, if (knock on wood) I need to go on sick call or receive medical treatment, I know for a fact I'll be in good hands.
S H O U T O U T S !
@ Angela Wood of Fort Campbell, KY(!) - Thank you very much for the generous portions of Met-RX Bars and the laundry bag; that was really super kind of you; I hope you will let me take you and your husband out for a drink when I get back.
@ Packages from - The wonderful package of treats was quickly divided up and enjoyed by many Soldiers; thanks to your great organization.  (Friends and family of Soldiers can request a package be sent at PFH's website
@ Kim W. of Cheney, Kansas - You must know military people because your package was a perfect combination of treats, hygiene items and neccesities such as laundry soap.  The peanut butter/cheese crackers went to the Soldiers on gate guard and the other treats were distributed to others but I kept the Iburprofen for myself!  Please keep an eye out for my thank you letter.
@ Charity S. and the Woodbine Baptist Church of Summersville, WV - The FOUR packages you sent were extremely generous and very much appreciated by numerous Soldiers.  My roommate grabbed the bags of Double-bubble bubble gum and the candies were divided amongst a dozen or so Soldiers.  The beef jerky and Crystal light packages were also a big hit.  I sent you an email but it may have gone to your spam folder; I also sent you a snail mail.


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    1. I think he will still be there at the COP when you get back but as soon as he gets home we will be more than happy to get together!! Let me know if you need or want anything else & I will make sure you get it!!! :)

    2. I would LOVE some sushi from Kohana's but not sure it would travel well...

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  3. No.. I'm sure it will smell juussst right tho... eeewwwwww!! :) hahaha