Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Shi'a, Camp Tracy

I am not the only Corbin who has written a thing or two. Alex, one of my brothers, who I outrank on the calendar being six years older, but who outranks me in the Army as he is a Major, has transmogrified his Master's thesis into a published book: "The History of Camp Tracy. Japanese WWII POWs and the Future of Strategic Interrogation."

Alex compares and contrasts how WWII Japanese prisoners of war, who were kept on American soil in Top Secret camps, were successfully interrogated utilizing respect and understanding, versus the ongoing water-boarding and other 'enhanced' techniques being utilized today on "terrorists with an Islamic fundamentalist bent." In essence, Alex answers the question how the US may obtain essential military intelligence from a hostile enemy in an honorable (not to mention legal) manner that does not compromise America's values.

The book is available, in either printed or downloadable formats, from the publisher, or, in printed form from Amazon.

I know one may think I could be a bit biased about Alex's book and how interesting it is, but check out the reviews posted on Amazon and judge for yourself - and then get a copy or two so Alex can afford to buy me the ice cream sundae he (and another of my brothers, Carl) owes me for winning the Corbin 2009 putt-putt golf championship this past Christmas.

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